Cloud Firestore

This SDK provides a bridge to the google/cloud-firestore package. You can enable the component in the SDK by adding the package to your project dependencies:

composer require google/cloud-firestore


The google/cloud-firestore package requires the gRPC PHP extension to be installed. You can find installation instructions for gRPC at The following projects aim to provide support for Firestore without the need to install the gRPC PHP extension, but have to be set up separately:

Before you start, please read about Firestore in the official documentation:

Initializing the Firestore component

With the SDK

$firestore = $factory->createFirestore();

With Dependency Injection (Symfony Bundle/Laravel/Lumen Package)

use Kreait\Firebase\Contract\Firestore;

class MyService
    public function __construct(Firestore $firestore)
        $this->firestore = $firestore;

With the Laravel app() helper (Laravel/Lumen Package)

$firestore = app('firebase.firestore');

Getting started

$database = $firestore->database();

$database is an instance of Google\Cloud\Firestore\FirestoreClient. Please refer to the links above for guidance on how to proceed from here.