Cloud Storage for Firebase stores your data in Google Cloud Storage, an exabyte scale object storage solution with high availability and global redundancy.

Before you start, please read about Firebase Cloud Storage in the official documentation:

You can work with your Firebase application’s storage by invoking the getStorage() method of your Firebase instance:

use Kreait\Firebase;

$firebase = (new Firebase\Factory())->create();
$storage = $firebase->getStorage();

Default Storage bucket

The SDK assumes that your project’s default storage bucket name has the format <project-id> and will configure the $firebase instance accordingly.

If you want to change the default bucket your instance works with, you can specify the name when using the factory:

use Kreait\Firebase;

$firebase = (new Firebase\Factory())

You can access the files on your storage in the following ways:

Google Cloud Storage API

Read about the usage of the Google Cloud Storage API in the official documentation.

// Get the default bucket
$bucket = $storage->getBucket();

// Get the bucket with the given name
$bucket = $storage->getBucket('another-bucket');

The PHP League’s Flysystem

Read about the usage of the PHP League’s Flysystem at

// Get the default filesystem
$filesystem = $storage->getFilesystem()

// Get the bucket with the given name
$filesystem = $storage->getFilesystem('another-bucket');